Make Your House Cleaning Go Faster

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While hiring professional cleaners may be the quickest way to get the job done, it is a service that not everyone can afford. But you can learn from the pros and use some of their professional methods to make your own home cleaning go faster. Here are some of the best ways to speed up the process and get the job done done quicker.

Dress For The Job

If you are wearing your regular clothes while you clean, you may find yourself being very careful not to get any chemicals on yourself. You might be tiptoeing around messes and cleaning everything up in a very deliberate fashion. That’s only going to slow you down, so those clothes have to go.

You can either wear a work apron a, boots and gloves over your clothes or just change into something you don’t care about soiling. Either way, you don’t want to be worrying about what will happen if you spill some chemicals on your cloths.

Buy Professional Tools

Yes, you could find mops and brooms for dirt cheap prices at your local dollar store. But these are going to do an ineffective job and probably break down after a few cleaning sessions. You want to use the same tools that professional cleaning services use. Do you know what happens with tools bought on the cheap? They end up in the corner as a pile of poles without their head attachments. They break down and wear out quickly.

Instead of using cheap tools, go to a hardware or housewares store and buy quality tools. These are certainly going to cost more, but they will do the job more efficiently and ensure you don’t have to pause halfway through to go buy new equipment.

Make Time to Clean

It might work with your schedule to clean as you can and just do it in bits and pieces. But that is no way to get the job done efficiently. If you work this way, you are going to rush yourself and miss important details. You will also take longer as you have to pull all your cleaning supplies out each time and take extra time to get setup and changed.

Instead, try to think of cleaning as a job. You may not get paid for this job, but you can certainly reap the rewards of a clean house. Schedule some time where you won’t have any distractions and make sure you give yourself enough time to do a thorough cleaning. Try to get as much of the cleaning done in one chunk of time as you can, as this will ensure that you get through all of it and that you aren’t wasting time.

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Be Organized

Before you start cleaning, make sure you have all the tools you need. You don’t want to be partway through the job and then realize you need some more supplies. Also be sure to check these cleaning tips.

You should also try to keep all your cleaning tools together. You can buy a bag to keep them in, and this gives you a great way to carry everything with you to each room as you clean.

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