Make Your House Cleaning Go Faster

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While hiring professional cleaners may be the quickest way to get the job done, it is a service that not everyone can afford. But you can learn from the pros and use some of their professional methods to make your own home cleaning go faster. Here are some of the best ways to speed up the process and get the job done done quicker.

Dress For The Job

If you are wearing your regular clothes while you clean, you may find yourself being very careful not to get any chemicals on yourself. You might be tiptoeing around messes and cleaning everything up in a very deliberate fashion. That’s only going to slow you down, so those clothes have to go.

You can either wear a work apron a, boots and gloves over your clothes or just change into something you don’t care about soiling. Either way, you don’t want to be worrying about what will happen if you spill some chemicals on your cloths.

Buy Professional Tools

Yes, you could find mops and brooms for dirt cheap prices at your local dollar store. But these are going to do an ineffective job and probably break down after a few cleaning sessions. You want to use the same tools that professional cleaning services use. Do you know what happens with tools bought on the cheap? They end up in the corner as a pile of poles without their head attachments. They break down and wear out quickly.

Instead of using cheap tools, go to a hardware or housewares store and buy quality tools. These are certainly going to cost more, but they will do the job more efficiently and ensure you don’t have to pause halfway through to go buy new equipment.

Make Time to Clean

It might work with your schedule to clean as you can and just do it in bits and pieces. But that is no way to get the job done efficiently. If you work this way, you are going to rush yourself and miss important details. You will also take longer as you have to pull all your cleaning supplies out each time and take extra time to get setup and changed.

Instead, try to think of cleaning as a job. You may not get paid for this job, but you can certainly reap the rewards of a clean house. Schedule some time where you won’t have any distractions and make sure you give yourself enough time to do a thorough cleaning. Try to get as much of the cleaning done in one chunk of time as you can, as this will ensure that you get through all of it and that you aren’t wasting time.

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Be Organized

Before you start cleaning, make sure you have all the tools you need. You don’t want to be partway through the job and then realize you need some more supplies. Also be sure to check these cleaning tips.

You should also try to keep all your cleaning tools together. You can buy a bag to keep them in, and this gives you a great way to carry everything with you to each room as you clean.

My most recommended cleaning company, the one that I always tell my friends about is Home Concierge which is one of the best cleaning services Dublin has. I am always incredibly impressed by how in-depth they go. They aren’t cheap but they are well worth it in my opinion.

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Spring Cleaning May Be a Bad Idea

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The notion of spring cleaning is one that has been around for hundreds of years. In this time-honored tradition, the entire house is turned upside down for a couple of weeks at a time. Every last inch and crevice of the house is thoroughly cleaned to make the entire house feel fresh and easier to live in. But is spring cleaning an outmoded concept that has no real place in today’s world? Let’s look at the argument against spring cleaning.

An Old-Fashioned Concept

Now there is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition in many cases, but it is always a good idea to examine why those traditions exist in the first place. The idea behind spring cleaning is that it was the best time of year to clear away accumulated dirt and soot that collected after months of running wood stoves and staying indoors for most of the time.

That isn’t really a problem anymore, as most homes use heating and air-conditioning systems that do all the work for us. There is no extra buildup due to changing seasons, so the main reason behind the spring cleaning isn’t really valid anymore.

A Better Practicevacuum cleaner

For those who do their major cleaning once a year, that leaves a lot of time throughout the year where cleanliness is not held as highly. The house falls into disarray, the carpets deteriorate and cleanliness problems become worse over time. And taking a week or two off to concentrate on cleaning leaves people feeling exhausted and less likely to keep their house clean shortly afterwards.

What works so much better is if you were to clean your house regularly. That’s the best way to keep your home in top condition anyway. Your carpets need regular cleaning or else they will fall apart. And if you let mold build up and allow insects to expand their homes, you are making the eventual cleaning harder on yourself.

Now to get rid of spring cleaning and just maintain a clean house does not mean that a thorough cleaning needs to be done every day. Instead, you probably want to work out a cleaning schedule for yourself. Try to do some basic cleaning each day and perhaps hit one room of the house really hard at least every month or week. This way, you split up the duties of the spring cleaning session across the year. This not only makes the cleaning easier on you, but it also maintains a cleaner house.

The benefit of this is that you get to live in a healthier home and that you get to enjoy all the pleasures of having a clean house. You don’t have to stress out looking ahead to tackling the entire house at once. And you can ensure that your home stays in great shape all the time. Keeping up with the housework  in this way makes eventual big cleaning jobs much easier to handle when they come around.

Here’s a great video I found last week:

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Tips And Tricks For Cleaning After A Party

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mop bucketSo your Christmas celebration proved to be a great success, you had a wonderful time and your family and friends all had a great time too. Sadly, you can not relax just yet – now that everyone’s gone it is time to confront the mess. If your kitchen is full to the brim with dishes and if you’re just about able to see your carpet because of all the wrapping paper and empty cartons that are littered about the place, then perhaps you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed – but do not stress. Cleaning up following a party does not have to be hard work. The secret will be to handle one room at a time, breaking down the task into very small chunks. Here’s the best way to clean up following a house party easily and quickly.

The Best Way To Clean

You may be fighting to get through the pile of dishes that have built up if you have cooked a yummy Christmas dinner for all of your family and friends. Get your loved ones to help out! Wash the dishes and have your helpers wash and put away the crockery and cutlery for you. If any of your precious plates or pans are proving hard to wash then a simple but powerful idea is to allow them to soak for a few hours. This has the effect of softening the caked-on deposits or burned food. While your plates are soaking, make use of a spray to eliminate any food spills which may cause mold to build up on the interior of your refrigerator, and to get rid of any germs from your worktops.

Your main public spaces, including living rooms and dining rooms, will probably be the most messy locations of all. That is where the family may have opened their gifts, so pieces of plastic, cardboard, wrapping paper and empty cartons will be stacked up in every single corner. Step one would be to clear the floor, placing anything back into its original spot. Then move onto throwing out or recycling any remaining rubbish. Make use of the soft brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to freshen up your drapes, couches and chairs. After that, once you’ve taken a much needed break, start on the second phase which would be to vacuum your carpets and rugs.

When having a celebration at home for Christmas, most people will invite family and friends to sleep over, particularly when they have come from quite a distance away. Great house guests should make an effort to keep their room as clean as possible and make sure that it looks as it did when they arrived. The key areas of the bedroom are stripping the bed and washing the sheets and duvet covers. Also make sure to vacuum the floors, and take a quick look into any drawers or presses to make sure your guests have not forgotten anything. That would be a really bad way to end such a great night!

Don’t Forget To Clean The Toilet!

Your toilet may have had more than its fair share of good use in the event you’ve had guests over for Christmas. Make sure you really give your shower screen/shower curtain an exceptionally thorough clean. If it is material, take it down and wash it in the washing machine. If it is made of glass then scrub it down using a high quality surface cleanser. It is also vital to wash your bathroom from top to bottom. For this we’d recommend making use of a high quality disinfectant cleaner. It is always wise to follow any directions listed on the bottle.

If you try and tackle more than one room at once you’ll almost always end up quitting. You’ll get overwhelmed and halfway through you’ll just decide that it’s clean enough as it is. Of course later on when you go back to inspect it, you’ll realise that it’s not fully clean at all!

Even More Great Tips

So our top tip is to concentrate on one area of the house first. Don’t move onto any other room, until you are 100% finished. This also helps you feel like you’ve accomplished something, which will give you the motivation to keep going.

For those who have children it is time to get them to earn their keep! Ask them if they would like to help out. If they are teenagers then they are probably going to say no, but I’m sure you can come up with a way to persuade them!

We hope you enjoyed our first article on our new website. Please do stay tuned for more because we have lots more information to give out on home cleaning. Also if you enjoyed this article please do share it around!

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